How to Make Money Selling and Reading Books Online

Books are a form of money that is lying in your house without you having any knowledge regarding it. Most of the time people have read certain books so many times that they remember the content of the book, and thus those books are just lying in basements and storage units without being used. Thus a great idea would be to sell off the books and make some cash from it.

There are quite a few book stores that take old books, novels, photo books and even CD books that are of no use in return for some cash. Other places are willing to pay people in return for a review on the book. People can make money through selling books as well as reading books. The first step to selling books online is to check how much your book is worth on Bookscouter. Bookscouter is a website that determines the current value of your book. You can simply go on the website and type the ISBN of the book that you need to sell and then you will be told the current amount.

Moreover, bookscouter finds out vendors that want to buy the book you would want to sell. Once you find the vendor, you accept their offer and then simply print out a shipping label, so that it can assist you knowing where your books are being shipped off to. Once the books vendor has received your old book, you will soon get your payment through mail.

In some cases people may not want to sell their old books, in this case they can buy books from bookscouter and then sold for a higher place with the help of other platforms. Other than bookscouter, there are various other online websites where you can sell your old used books. These websites include, Amazon, e-bay, Cash for books, half priced books, Powell and These websites help people earn some easy money through book sales if there are no vendors available to buy your books.

Furthermore, if you cannot make money by selling books, you can make some money through reading books online as well. There is a simple yet a bit time consuming way of making money through online reading of books. Various websites offer money to people online to read books and write a detailed review on those books. Many online websites have this offer and these include kirkus,, springer and The US review for books.

People can also make money through reading by becoming a literary agent freelance, these are the people who read up content and are responsible to tell book agents whether a manuscript is worth reading or not through a synopsis or an excerpt from the manuscript. Book summaries are another way of making money by reading books. Various book summary companies print out summaries of books to people who want to read a short version of the original book. These companies also pay free lancers to read and write summaries for various books.

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